Manigiò, founded in 2006 by siblings, Marianna, Nino and Giosué Orlando,
who united through their passion of jewelry
decided to follow in their father Paolo’s footsteps, a goldsmith since 1978.
Starting as a small gold laboratory, OrlandoLab specialized in every step of the manufacturing process and collaborated with national and international jewelry brands. They now offer their handmade jewels to the public,
made from gold and diamonds - perfect wares for any occasion.




Manigiò’s creations are the result of a mix of elegance,
proficiency and originality.
Conceived by young designers and hand crafted
by the capable hands of goldsmiths,
Manigiò offers forty years of Italian tradition from their studio in Valenza.



Drawing inspiration from the spinning top,
 Manigiò created a collection with a hypnotic design and
winding lines that shine with sophisticated elegance.
It celebrates childhood memories, to remain an “eternal child.” 
The result is an amazing collection, 

dedicated to the ones who love looking and
 feeling elegant every day.


“Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and
 how one remembers it in order to recount it.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez